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My interests have been varied. However, I do think there is method in the madness and broadly they can be clubbed under the questions: What constitutes planning? How do we justify it both substantively and procedurally?

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Journal Articles
2006 Kaza, N. Tyranny of the Median and Costly Consent: A reflection on the participatory urban processes Planning theory 5(3) 255--270
2005 Hopkins, L. D., N. Kaza, and V. G. Pallathucheril, Representing urban development plans and regulations as data: A planning data model Environment & Planning B : Planning & Design 32(4) 597–615
Book Chapters
2007 Kaza, N. and L. D. Hopkins, Ontology for Land development decisions and plans. In Ontologies for Urban Development ed(s). J. Teller, C. Roussey, and J. Lee, Studies in Computational Intelligence series, Berlin: Springer-Verlag 47–59. Paginated Version
2005 Hopkins, L. D., N. Kaza, and V. G. Pallathucheril, A Data Model to Incorporate Plans and Regulations in Urban Simulation Models . In GIS, Spatial Analysis and Modeling ed(s). D.G. Maguire, M. Batty, and M. Goodchild, Chap 7, 173–202, Redlands, CA: ESRI Press.
Non Refereed Articles
2005 Calderón, J., A. de Froment, M. Donaldson, G. McInery, and N. Kaza, Games on Evolving Networks, Proceedings of 2006 Complex Systems Summer School at Santa Fe Institute
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Conference Papers
2007 Kaza, N., D. Finn and L. D. Hopkins, Updating Plans: Historiography of Decisions over Time, COST 21 Conference, Turin, Italy.
Kaza, N., Plans in Decision Support Systems and Decisions in Planning Support Systems, 48th ACSP Conference, Milwaukee, WI.
2006 Kaza, N., and L. D. Hopkins, In what circumstances should we plan in public?, Second World Planning Schools Conference, Mexico city, Mexico.
  Kaza, N., and L. D. Hopkins, Ontology for Land Development Decisions and Plans, Ontologies for Urban Development: Interfacing Urban Information Systems, Geneva, Switzerland.
Kaza, N., and L. D. Hopkins, Reasoning with Plans: Semantic Relationships among Interdependent and Contingent Landuse Plans, 47th ACSP Conference, Fort Worth, TX.
  Donaghy, K.P. and N. Kaza, The Value of Waiting: A primer on Option value for Planners, 47th ACSP Conference, Fort Worth, TX.
2005 Kaza, N., Deliberations between experts and laity: An approach to building planning information systems, UCGIS summer assembly, Jackson,WY
2003 Hopkins, L. D., N. Kaza, and V. G. Pallathucheril, Planning Markup Language: Representing the meanings of plans and regulations, AESOP-ACSP Joint conference, Levuen, Belgium
Hopkins, L. D., N. Kaza, and V. G. Pallathucheril, Shared Data Model for Describing Plans and Regulations as Inputs to Simulation Models of Urban Development, North American Meetings of Regional Science Association International , Philadelphia, PA
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Technical  Reports
2005 Deal, et. al, Mchenry County Legacy Project Report
2004 Kaza, N., Towards a Data Model of Urban Planning : Ontological Constructs for Representing Regulations and Guidelines with Geography, Master of Urban Planning Project Report
Working Papers
2007 Kaza, N., and L.D. Hopkins, Planning Strategically: In what circumstances should we plan in public?
  Kaza, N. and K.P.Donaghy, Option Value Approaches to Planning Problems
2004 Kaza, N., Spatial Representation of Property Rights: Considerations of Doxastic and Epistemic Systems, Term paper for GIS and Society
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