NCSG Faculty Proposes “Regionalism Light” for the DC Region in a New Book 

NCSG faculty member Willow Lung-Amam is among the esteemed authors in A Shared Future: Fostering Inclusion in an Era of Inequality, published by Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. Lung-Amam’s chapter “An Equitable Future for the Washington, DC Region?: A ‘Regionalism Light’ Approach to Building Inclusive Neighborhoods” proposes real strategies for regional housing policies and plans in the Washington, DC region, where rents are 60% higher than the national average, home prices are double the national average, and segregation is among the highest in US metropolitan areas. The chapter points to leaders in affordable housing from within the region and across the nation. Recognizing the tough political realities of implementing change across multiple state, county, and municipal governments, Lung-Amam explores non-governmental agencies that could enact regional change.
More information about the book and free access to working papers of the chapters are available from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.

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