Presentation calls for engaging low-income citizens in the adoption of smart city technology

NCSG Director Gerrit-Jan Knaap presented at the 11th Annual Dupont Summit on Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy in December 2018. His presentation “Using Smart Cities Technology to Improve the Lives of Disadvantaged Inner-City Residents” explores findings from the report “Smart Cities, Connected Communities.” While smart-city technology vendors may advertise a one-size-fits-all solution, the findings from the report underscore the value of engaging residents on issues that affect them. Smart city technologies can create opportunities in disadvantaged communities if they are implemented with their involvement.
Dr. Knaap is among dozens of academics and professionals from across the US invited to speak at the Dupont Summit.
The Dupont Summit is hosted by the Policy Studies Organization. Its purpose is “to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about pressing issues related to science, technology, and the environment. The conference mirrors the interest of the PSO and its partners in promoting conversation about current policy concerns.”

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