Plans and Regulations Information Tool

Using the Purple Line Corridor Plans and Regulations Tool, you can easily identify the plans and regulations that affect your interests in the Purple Line Corridor, and quickly access their details. It takes no prior experience with maps—just a short tutorial!—to start getting actionable insights for your project. But, digging deeper is rewarding: by walking through the use cases we provide, you can learn to hone in on the information you need.

Start with the user manual. This document provides context, tutorials, and descriptions of the features available in the tool. After you’ve used the tool, please give us some feedback using this form. Contact with any questions.


Open the tool in a new tab.


Open the tool in a new tab.


  • Technical Documentation: For those that are technically inclined and interested, this document describes in detail how we built the tool.

  • Source Data: This sheet describes the source of all the data in the tool.