Moeckel Webinar Discuss Integrating Land Use and Transportation Models to Analyze Planning Policies

Can you afford your travel after moving to this new home? 

Integrating land use and transportation for analyzing planning policies


Presentation by Rolf Moeckel NCSG

Wednesday, Septmber 10
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


Preinkert Field House – Conference Room 1112V
University of Maryland College Park


Traditionally, land use and transportation are treated as two separate fields of planning. However, land use and transportation closely interact with each other. Increasing congestion may make certain parts of a region less attractive to live and might trigger households to move. The new location of households in turn will affect travel demand. Rising transportation costs may force some households to relocate closer to their work location.

The brownbag talk will present the interactions between land use and transportation and describe a simulation model developed at the National Center for Smart Growth to analyze integrated land-use/transportation planning strategies.

ROLF MOECKEL is a faculty research associate at the National Center for Smart Growth. His research focuses on land use and transportation modeling. Such models allow testing planning policies and infrastructure projects in a computer model before they are implemented in reality. He has designed and implemented three land-use models and various statewide transportation models. He is particularly interested in understanding how computer modeling may support urban and regional planning.