Nicholas Finio, Ph.D.

Associate Director and Assistant Research Professor

Nick Finio, Ph.D. is the Associate Director of NCSG, and a graduate Urban and Regional planning PhD and MCP programs. His research is focused on the measurement, causes, and consequences of neighborhood change and the links between social inequality and land use policy and regional planning. He works on community development projects and housing research with Gerrit Knaap, Casey Dawkins, and Willow Lung Amam, but is also deeply engaged with the Center’s sustainability efforts through the PRESTO program. ┬áNick supports the PLCC in its efforts to create a more equitable and sustainable transit corridor through data analysis, research, writing, and public engagement; he also manages implementation of the recently acquired FTA grant. His work has been funded by Montgomery County, Maryland and the State of Maryland.

Nick joined NCSG in the Fall of 2013 as a Graduate Assistant in the URSP Community Planning program, graduated in May 2015, and started the URPD PhD program in the fall of 2015. He advanced to candidacy in the PhD program in Summer 2017 and defended his dissertation proposal in May 2018. In 2018, Nick accepted a full-time staff position at NCSG as a researcher, and he was promoted in 2019 to Associate Director. He successfully defended his dissertation in April 2022. He was responsible for planning NCSG’s “Smart Growth at 20” workshop in April 2018.

See Nick’s scholarly publications here, on google scholar.

Read Nick’s blog posts on urban issues here at Greater Greater Washington.

View Nick’s dissertation defense video from April 2022 here. Passcode: QD9GkIL$

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