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Faculty Best Practices

→  Begin communicating with client before the beginning of the semester to start building your relationship and scoping the project. Starting off on the right foot is key.

→  Make expectations very clear both to the client and your students at the onset.

→  Schedule dates for tours, calls, meetings and presentations as early as possible.

→  Have your students communicate with the client frequently. We recommend bi-weekly calls or weekly emails with questions or updates on progress. Making this a requirement is also recommended.

→  Support your students - many students lack experience working with clients and will often find themselves out of their field of expertise. Keeping an open line of communication for them to air their grievances or ask questions is essential.

**For all vehicle rentals, please contact the PALS Coordinator AT LEAST two weeks in advance**

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PALS Contacts:
Kim Fisher, PALS Program Director
Barbara Gusack, Program Assistant