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The Small Business Anti-Displacement Network (SBAN) is a project of the University of Maryland's National Center for Smart Growth Research & Education (NCSG), funded by JP Morgan Chase's Small Business Forward Program. This project seeks to leverage NCSG's experience leading multi-year, multi-phased collective impact initiatives to bring together small business leaders, including small business owners, community-based organizations, technical assistance providers, policymakers, scholars, and government agencies, to create a community of practice around the issue of small business displacement in gentrifying neighborhoods.

The project seeks to build national and international networks of knowledge exchange around key policy and practice areas; identify, evaluate, and share innovative and promising practices and policies in the field; and facilitate community- and capacity-building among small business leaders to encourage adoption of impactful strategies. The project will support its partners with new knowledge, resources, and networks to respond to small businesses' immediate and long-term needs in gentrifying neighborhoods.