Webinar: Housing the Regions Future Workforce

Housing the Region’s Future Workforce

Presentation by:
Lisa Sturtevant

Wednesday, November 5
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


Preinkert Field House – Conference Room 1112V
University of Maryland College Park


A region’s economic growth potential depends critically on the availability of a sufficient supply of housing for workers—in the right places, of the right types and at the right prices and rents. Lisa Sturtevant will present results from a study of employment-driven housing demand in the Washington DC metro area (for the 2012-2032 period) and will discuss the relationships among job growth, housing planning, and transportation investment.

LISA A. STURTEVANT is the Executive Director of the Center for Housing Policy and Vice President for Research of the National Housing Conference. Lisa’s primary areas of research include the relationship between housing and economic growth, residential mobility, and demographics. Her research has appeared in Growth and Change, Journal of Urban Affairs and Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies. Prior to becoming head of the Center for Housing Policy, Dr. Sturtevant was Associate Research Professor at the George Mason University School of Public Policy and Deputy Director of the GMU Center for Regional Analysis.