A pedestrian pass over a bridge above U.S. Route 40 in Baltimore on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

Ariel Bierbaum on the ‘Highway to Nowhere’ for The Baltimore Banner

Image: Jessica Gallagher/The Baltimore Banner

Assistant Professor Dr. Ariel Bierbaum recently spoke to The Baltimore Banner after it was announced the city would receive a $2 million federal grant for a planning study on the Highway to Nowhere, a section of U.S. 40 that was never completed.

“A lot of our transportation infrastructure historically has been built to privilege and provide access for and to wealthier, whiter, and more suburban communities at the expense of urban, lower-income, Black communities,” Bierbaum said. “From urban renewal to federal highway construction to the cancellation of the Red Line, residents in West Baltimore have experienced deep harm at the hands of the public sector and their infrastructure projects. The harm as well as the cultivated mistrust are passed down from generation to generation.”

Read the full story here. 

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