Opportunity Collaborative Set to Release Baltimore Regional Plan for Sustainable Development

The Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD) represents the first ever comprehensive regional plan to bring together workforce development, transportation and housing. The Opportunity Collaborative is a consortium that includes local governments, state agencies, universities and nonprofit organizations. The co-chairs of the Collaborative are William H. Cole IV, president and CEO of the Baltimore Development Corporation, and Scot T. Spencer, of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The RPSD is the culmination of three years of work and will help the Baltimore region coordinate investments in housing, transportation and workforce development to reduce disparities and connect all of the region’s citizens to a prosperous future. The outcomes of the plan will lower transportation costs for families, create cleaner and safer communities and increase educational and employment opportunities throughout the region.

Please join other regional leaders on Monday, June 8 in Baltimore as the Opportunity Collaborative launches the first joint and sustained effort by the governments and significant non-governmental organizations in the region to collectively address regional planning issues.

You can learn more and register to attend the launch here.

Learn more about the NCSG’s participation in the Opportunity Collaborative here.

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