PLCC’s Antidisplacement Work Praised in El Tiempo Latino

In a recent article, El Tiempo Latino highlighted the Purple Line Corridor Coalition’s work to counter displacement in both the affordable housing and small business sectors. PLCC member organization Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) underscored their efforts to support small business owners amid construction disruptions and other challenges at this phase of the Purple Line’s development.

“The Latino community should know that the resources do exist and that the help is real and we are happy to be able to assist them,” said LEDC’s María Teresa Llanos. “We are committed to our community so that they can really keep their businesses open and make use of the resources that exist, because there are always many resources available, especially for those who are affected by the construction of the Purple Line.”

Read “Millionaire investment to preserve vulnerable communities before the construction of the Purple Line” in El Tiempo Latino.

Image Details: María Llanos, LEDC small business coach, together with Uriel Salas, owner of Hola Chicken, during her visit to the grilled chicken restaurant. Courtesy of Rafael Ulloa.

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Forbes cites data from NCSG’s Maryland Housing Needs Assessment

Forbes Advisors are predicting a continued sellers’ market in Maryland as the supply of housing remains low and and interest rates remain high. The article uses data from NCSG and Enterprise Community Partners’ Maryland Housing Needs Assessment & 10-Year Strategic Plan, which was funded by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The plan, among other things, projects the future growth of housing demand through 2030. Read the Forbes article here.



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Baltimore Banner article features discussion with Dr. Bierbaum on equity amidst school closures

Dr. Ariel Bierbaum, an NCSG affiliate and associate professor of urban studies and planning at the University of Maryland, discussed the effects of school closures in a recent Baltimore Banner article highlighting the problems faced by the district and local communities following the closure of at least 30 schools in the past 10 years. Read the full article here.

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