Dr. Howell discusses Purple Line corridor, displacement on MPact podcast

Mpact recently featured Dr. Kathryn Howell, NCSG director, in a podcast episode about how instability and displacement affects housing, communities and businesses. Dr. Howell discussed the important work being done by NCSG through the Purple Line Corridor Coalition and Small Business Anti-Displacement Network, as well as her previous work at the RVA Eviction Lab. Check out the podcast here.

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Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress measurements may be inconsistent, new research says

Dr. Chester Harvey, NCSG’s Transportation Policy Research Group Director, along with colleagues Daniel Rodriguez and Kevin Fang, recently published an article in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society about the commonly used “Level of Traffic Stress” (LTS) classification for measuring cyclist’s comfort levels on city streets. They found that the various methods of measuring LTS, along with the various data sources used, don’t always produce consistent results when applied to the same street segments. Their research suggests that certain data sources and methods may be more effective at creating consistent measurements. Read the full article here.

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Transit Diary: Ever Wonder How Dr. Kathryn Howell Commutes to Campus?

Image: the Anacostia River (Kathryn Howell)

In a recent op-ed for Greater Greater Washington, NCSG Director Dr. Kathryn Howell takes us along for the ride on her commute from D.C.’s Capitol Hill to the UMD campus in College Park, Md. From riding her e-bike on a mix of roads and protected trails to an Amtrak ride down to Charlottsville for a guest lecture, Dr. Howell showcases the highlights and downfalls of America’s transportation infrastructure.

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