Delivering on the Promise of the Purple Line

The Washington Post
By Gerrit Knaap, Published: May 2

When funding for the Purple Line appeared in President Obama’s budget in March, the light-rail project connecting Montgomery and Prince George’s counties began to take on an air of inevitability. To be sure, critical steps and uncertainty remain, but Maryland transit officials are planning to break ground on the 16-mile line next year. “When,” not “if,” has become the appropriate question.

The Purple Line can deliver many social and economic benefits. But the checkered history of light-rail projects around the nation tells us that these will not fully materialize unless we actively plan for them. Concerns about employment, housing, construction disruptions and the like will fall through the cracks. The promise of this project could disintegrate into myriad problems.

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MM2 Keynote: Dunham-Jones Talks About Retrofitting Suburbia

On Thursday, May 8, Georgia Tech’s Ellen Dunham-Jones kicked-off Makeover Montgomery 2 with her keynote address entitled “Raising the Bar on Suburban Retrofits.” Watch the recording of the presentation today by clicking the link below.
View the Keynote Recording
Across the country, suburban planners and residents are grappling with how to adapt to demographic shifts, changing housing preferences, and growing infrastructure needs. You are invited to participate in a conference focused on real-world solutions to these current suburban challenges.

Makeover Montgomery 2 | Moving Forward Montgomery 
kicked-off on Thursday, May 8 at the University of Maryland, College Park with a keynote address delivered by Ellen Dunham-Jones, award-winning architect and professor at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture (link to recording above).

The conference continues on Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10 at the Silver Spring Civic Building located in downtown Silver Spring. Conference organizers are pleased to present an exciting lineup of regional and national experts who will lead discussions on a variety of topics in the following tracks:

•  Transportation and TOD
•  Creative Use of Public Assets/Public-Private Partnerships
•  Current Planning Trends
Registration is now closed! Stay tuned to after the conference to view and listen to the presentations.
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