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Home of the state capital, its oldest university, and the region’s largest airport, with borders defined by the Chesapeake Bay and two of its major rivers, Anne Arundel County and its seat of Annapolis are among Maryland’s most important political, economic, and cultural crossroads. In 1694, Maryland’s provincial capital was relocated from St. Mary’s City to Anne Arundel Towne, which was renamed Annapolis in honor of then Princess Anne. During the 1700s, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County grew rapidly along with the area’s status as the economic, social, and political center of the colony. The City was laid out according to a modified Baroque plan by Francis Nicholson, Maryland’s second royal governor. Nicholson, who also planned Williamsburg, Virginia, steered away from the common colonial grid pattern in favor of a more European urban environment with public circles and radial streets.

As Baltimore grew thanks to its superior ports, Anne Arundel County’s northern areas developed strong mining and manufacturing industries with important links to westward areas via the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. In the late 1800s, the rest of the primarily agricultural economy shifted its focus from tobacco to food products, such as seafood, and later, to truck farming. At the same time, the county’s coastal beauty supported the growth of the summer resort and recreational industry that residents and visitors still enjoy today.

The presence of the U.S. Naval Academy and Fort Meade provided robust defense activity in Anne Arundel County and Annapolis. In 1950, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport opened in the northern part of the county. It now has the highest passenger count of any Baltimore-Washington area airport and is ranked 23rd nationally. Anne Arundel is currently one of Maryland’s most populous and attractive counties in which to live, work, and visit. Likewise, Annapolis maintains a position of political authority as Maryland’s capital, and has continued to preserve and cultivate its historic, seafaring culture.

Anne Arundel County is Maryland’s 4th largest, with over 550,000 residents in 2014. Annapolis is the 7th most populous incorporated community in Maryland, with just shy of 39,000 residents.

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Course Roster

Fall 2016

Forest Drive Corridor Study
  • Instructor: Dr. Chao Liu & Urin Avin
  • Project: Forest Drive Corridor Study:                                                       Report

Exploring the Future of Tipton Airport in Anne Arundel County

  • Instructor: Melina Duggal
  • Project: Exploring the Future of Tipton Airport in Anne Arundel County:    Report

Annapolis Maritime Innovation District and MakerSpace Study

Analysis of Potential for County/City Shared Service Delivery

  • Instructor: Kenneth Coriale
  • Project: Analysis of Potential for County/City Shared Service Delivery

Conserving Energy in County Facilities

  • Instructor: Dr. Qingbin Cui
  • Project: Conserving Energy in County Facilities:    Report   Presentation

Strength & Shame and Faces of the Fair

Odenton Town Center Park Design

BWI-Patapsco Greenway

Annapolis Waterfront Design for Resilience

GIS . Exploration of Anne Arundel County

  • Instructor: Dr. Chao Liu (contact at for full map files)
  • Project: Development Trends & Redevelopment Potential; Health Hot Spots


Spring 2017

Development Trends and Redevelopment Potential

Farm to Fork Opportunities & Constraints

CPSP 249E - Service Learning Practicum: Environment, Technology and Economy

  • Instructor: Dr. Nicole Mogul, Mira Azarm
  • Project: Water Quality Protection- Educating the Public

Enhancing Public Access to the Water **

  • Instructor: Dr. Qingbin Cui
  • Project: Enhancing Public Access to the Water

Feasibility Analysis for Express Bus from Annapolis to BWI

Addressing Challenges with Heroin and Youth Suicide

Resources for Inmate Reentry

Digitizing Employee Wellness

Infection Control Database

Non-Emergency Systems Survey

Mobile Crime App Design

Visualization of Healthcare Quality Metrics

Senior Needs Assessment

Eastport Historic Survey

Video Storytelling in Anne Arundel County

Master Plan for the Arlington Echo Campsite

Tipton Airport Site Plan

EMS Route Optimization


Summer 2017

Healthy Annapolis! Healthy Living Guidelines for the City's Comprehensive Plan


Fall Showcase Photos (December 13, 2016)

Photos courtesy of Bethany Swain and the City of Annapolis