About Us

The University of Maryland’s Smart Cities Initiative (SCI) is a partnership between the National Center for  Smart Growth (NCSG) and the College of Information Studies (Maryland’s iSchool), and  explores opportunities to align community needs with research and technology development. Interdisciplinary researchers across campus are collaborating to develop research capacity, educational resources, and public engagement in smart cities and urban analytics. From West Baltimore to Baltimore Avenue in College Park, SCI is exploring how smart city technologies can be used to improve lives in all communities.



FOR MORE INFORMATION: contact Tara Burke,  tburke13@umd.edu

Gerrit-Jan Knaap, Executive Director of the National Center for Smart Growth, gknaap@umd.edu

Susan Winter, Co-Director of the Center for Advanced Study of Communities and Information at UMD College of Information Studies, sjwinter@umd.edu