IoT Stormwater at UMD

Real-time continuous monitoring_______________________________________________
This project seeks to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) framework employing smart sensors to monitor and improve stormwater management on the University of Maryland College Park Campus.

The UMD Campus' regulatory and permitting environment contains requirements both typical and atypical of smaller cities, making it the perfect testbed for understanding the potential of smart sensor technology in water quality monitoring.


  • Install smart IoT sensors that measure water quality at 4 locations on the UMD campus
  • Conceptualize, design, and develop a robust and flexible database to house data
  • Train students to install and read the stormwater sensors, manage the data platform, interpret the data
  • Use the data to analyze current hyper-local conditions within the UMD stormwater system


  • Produce adequate data to validate the proof of concept design
  • Provide data on the most sensitive ecological areas within the stormwater system (i.e. priority outfalls)
  • Demonstrate how real-time data and continuous monitoring can test the effectiveness of restoration retrofits
  • Demonstrate potential savings through reduced penalties and fines, staff response-time to pollutant discharges, and by improving overall ecological health